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Perimeter 81 Solutions

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

SASE is a new model for network security that is shaping the way organizations will secure their networks and data in the upcoming years. Our Secure Access Service Edge platform combines network and security functionality into a unified global cloud-based service.

Zero Trust Security

Legacy security models are no longer effective against sophisticated cyber threats, globalization, and user mobility. With Zero Trust security, policy enforcement and protection are easily implemented by isolating applications and segmenting network access based on user permissions, authentication, and verification.

Cloud VPN

A Cloud VPN allows businesses to maintain and protect their private cloud resources. Nearly three-quarters of employee mobile devices used for work purposes are not connected to company IT support. With Perimeter 81, you can encrypt network traffic, deploy private servers, manage network activity, distribute global IP addresses and conduct geo-targeting and quality assurance.


Traditional VPNs do not provide the visibility, control and threat inspection capabilities needed to effectively secure your network. Thankfully, these critical pain points can be easily addressed with the Software-Defined Perimeter - a consolidated network access solution that provides secure, segmented and audited resource access.

Remote Access

Whether working from home or on the go, make sure your organization’s most precious resources are secure.